Chromebook rentals: Are they the best option for businesses?

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Ensuring your team has the right tools to stay busy and efficient in the fast-paced business world is necessary. Chromebook rentals have become popular, but are they the best choice for your business? 

Unlock the Insights of Chromebooks: Explore if They Are Your Ideal Fit!

What is a Chromebook?


“Chromebook” refers to laptops that use Google’s Chrome OS. This user-friendly, quick-to-load operating system smoothly manages online browsing, mobile app execution, and usage. Most of the newer ones may also support Linux software. Accessing the Google Play Store and the Android app portfolio offers flexibility in operating all features available on Android smartphones.

Chromebook laptops possess sleek designs curated for web-based tasks. Chromebooks use cloud storage and online apps like Gmail, Docs, and Sheets instead of complex software.

Chromebooks are economical computers focused on web-oriented tasks that streamline daily chores. They are resourceful if you aim to prioritise safety, ease of use, and the operation of essential apps.

Chromebooks vs. Regular Laptops

FeatureChromebookRegular Laptop
Operating SystemChrome OSWindows, macOS
Software Installation

Predominantly web applications


Many software installation choices

Includes online storage like Google Drive.


Internal hard drive


Typical SpecificationsReduced RAM, processing powerIncreased processor and RAM power
PriceMore affordablePrice range expanded by specifications

Chromebook Features

Chromebooks have peculiar potentialities that could make them ideal:-

  • Simplicity Chromebook, “Everything Button” organizes files, apps, and internet answers.  You can view the latest spreadsheets, presentations, papers, and emails offline. Preload material for offline viewing.

  • Backup files automatically Chromebooks employ web applications. Thus, files automatically back up online. Therefore, you may access any file from any device, anytime, anyplace. Additionally, data cannot be lost or stolen. All data is saved on the cloud, not the device.

  • Security Chromebook software is separated to prevent cyber threats. Your Chromebook is thoroughly scanned for malware before starting up. Built-in encryption safeguards the data you provide. Chromebooks automatically detect malware, eliminating the need for manual installs.

Unveiling 10 Benefits of Chromebooks for Business

Chromebooks have multiple perks. Here are the top 10 benefits:

  1. Built-in protection: Chrome OS protects Chromebooks against malware and viruses. Many security layers are built in, including tab sandboxing, verified boot, and encrypted data. Every time you start your Chromebook, verify boot checks for security.
  2. Battery life: The battery life of a Chromebook may be between 10 and 18 hours. Chromebooks’ batteries last longer than laptops’ because they have no moving components and parts that use a lot of power.
  3. Easy Setup: Chromebooks are cloud-based and require no local software or manual upgrades. Chromebooks need a broadband connection to access cloud-based applications and updates. A Google account is a requisite to use your Chromebook.
  4. Cloud-Based Approach: Chromebooks emphasise teamwork and online storage. Remote file access via Google Drive and additional flexibility for cloud services promote cooperation.
  5. Website Apps: Chromebooks are ideal for businesses that use online apps. They connect perfectly with Google Workspace, making virtual office work efficient.
  6. Quick Boot: Based on the model, Chromebooks start in 10-15 seconds, from the power button to the task. The OS is reliable, and apps open quickly.
  7. Affordability: Chromebooks are cheaper than MacBooks and Windows PCs. Businesses like its cost-effectiveness, especially for large-scale deployments.
  8. Portability and Lightweight Design: Chromebooks are perfect for field and remote working staff since they are portable and lightweight.
  9. Supports Android and Linux: Chromebooks may utilise Android and Linux apps in addition to the millions on Google Play. Android apps run well with 2-in-1 Chromebooks; however non-touchscreen Chromebooks may have distinct features.

Drawbacks to Consider

Chromebooks are appealing, yet they have drawbacks:

  • Compatible software Chromebooks can only run Google Web Store and Linux apps. However, Outlook, Word, and Excel from M365 are unavailable. While most users will be happy, the web app versions offer decent exposure but lack certain features. Chromebooks work best with Google Workspace, a platform which provides M365-aligned apps.

  • Multimedia Editing Google Chromebooks offer minimal multimedia editing capabilities. Adobe’s online video editing tools and graphic design are less functional than their desktop counterparts. At the same time, the restricted GPU credibilities of Chromebooks highlight challenges for editing HD videos.

  • Local Storage Chromebooks generally contain 32GB–64GB eMMC storage. Some recent devices include 128GB SSDs. Only selective Chromebooks offer SD card slots for storage expansion.

  • Display Chromebooks usually have small screens. There are now Chromebooks with full HD and 4K screens, but they are expensive and have shorter battery lives. The Chromebook screen is smaller; therefore, those who want to launch many windows or apps may not enjoy it.

Top Chromebook Brands

Chromebooks are famous for their affordability and reliability. Here are a few top Chromebook brands:

  • Acer: Offers a wide variety of models, balancing performance and cost. 
  • HP: Known for its sleek design and long battery life.
  • Lenovo: Durable and reliable, terrific for instructional use.
  • ASUS: Features modern designs and sturdy overall performance.
  • Samsung: Combines stylish looks with modern tech.

These manufacturers consistently provide good Chromebooks for various needs.

Who Should Consider Renting Chromebooks for Business?

Chromebooks run a version of Chrome OS rather than Windows or macOS. Their price and lightweight design have made them famous. Who should use Chromebooks?

  • Students and Instructors:  The education industry has embraced Chromebooks. For students and instructors, their accessibility, user experience, and connectivity with Google programs like Chrome and Gmail make them perfect. So, a Chromebook for rent is a good option.

  • Those who travel Chromebooks are light and long-lasting. Chromebooks are great for work and play on the go. 

  • Cloud-focused businesses  Chromebooks can assist organisations, especially those without locally installed programs. As more online and Android apps meet or exceed traditional software functionality, Chromebooks have become a corporate choice. Hence, renting Chromebooks for business is one of the possibilities.


Chromebooks offer users a dependable blend of confidence, ease of use and a cost-efficient platform for cloud-centered enterprises. Chromebooks are rented as such to accommodate the fluctuating demand and avoid initial fees. 

At the same time, limitations on offline functioning and computing capabilities pose trouble to software-centered jobs. Purposefully scan other options to determine if Chromebooks are the solution for issues in the productivity of your workforce. If you’re looking for a trusted rental partner that supplies these devices, check out our Chromebook rental directory to streamline the process.


Published: May 27, 2024

Last updated: May 30, 2024

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